Real Women Tri 2015 Team

Welcome! We are Real Women Tri!

We are a women’s multi-sport club in the West Michigan Community. We compete in all levels of triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running. Some of us are beginners while others have quite a few years of racing experience.

Our mission is to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle in the community, specifically amongst women and children. We encourage and motivate each other to train and compete in area races while creating a supportive and fun atmosphere.

Our goals are to:

  • Set a positive example of healthy living and lifestyles for other women and children in the community.
  • Be supportive of one another, coach one another and motivate one another to improve and excel in our multi-sport activities.
  • Volunteer at various races in our area.
  • Host the Trek Breast Cancer Awareness ride to raise awareness for breast cancer research, treatment and prevention.
  • Portray a positive example of sportsmanship at races.
  • Promote our sponsors through advertisement on our jerseys, website and thru word of mouth in the community and amongst other multi-sport athletes.

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